Face Countouring & Buccal Massage Course


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Welcome to Face Contouring and Buccal Massage online course

This technique was developed over years of practice and became one of the most effective non-invasive methods of facial rejuvenation

What you'll learn?

During this self paced online course you will learn theoretical & practical part that includes understanding of aging, face anatomy, neuro muscular anatomy, lymphatic system and overall PRINCIPLES of this exclusive technique. You’ll get access to Contouring part, Lymphatic drainage, and Hollywood stars favorite Buccal Massage.

What you'll get

9 detailed self paced HD lessons, lifetime access, 48 pages manual, key movement protocol, certificate upon completion, technical support.


$599 USD

Video Lessons

You get an access to unique material for the whole year. You can practice, watch more times and practice again

Printable Workbook

Printable PDF that is designed to help you get really clear on all the details

Certificate of Completion

Beautiful certificate that becomes a great addition to your knowledge and shows your professionalism to your client

Student Reviews

Amanda Birk

This course has such a great information and a workbook! Thank you so much! and I already have happy clients in my spa clinic with your special Face contouRing massage. Thank you so much!

Jacob Karrakal

This course was very helpful, I love how the added tips gave a big impression, I’m glad for the resources giving, I will definitely be using this amazing natural Technique for my clients!

Emily Hu

I love to give a great facial, beneficial for the client’s face/neck, but also the facial massages! This course gave me the tools, skills, and confidence to give the best experience to our spa clients!

Face Contouring and Buccal Massage Online Course

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Welcome to the

Face Contouring & Buccal Massage Course


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Welcome video

Understanding of aging

Face anatomy

Neuro muscular anatomy

Lymphatic system

Understanding of face contouring massage

Key benefits and contraindications

Key movements protocol

Lymphatic drainage

Contouring part

Buccal massage


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